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Sometimes, all your pet needs is the joy of a toy. Unfortunately, not just any toy will do.

Dogs and cats are picky about their playthings, so it’s important to find the right toy for their personality (and your sanity).  From fun and interactive to challenging and mind-stimulating, CitiFid-O’s variety of cat and dog toys are great for pets of any size and age. No matter if you’re looking for a toy that’s great for exercise at the park or quiet-time at home, our shop features durable and unique toys, many of which are made and handcrafted in the USA.

CitiFid-O is a pet-friendly destination, so be sure to bring along your dog and travel-friendly cat to try out our selection of toys that you won’t find anywhere else! For dogs, we have chew toys in a variety of materials, treat-releasing toys, noise-making and silent toys, as well as toys for endless hours or fetch. And let’s not forget about the cats! For our feline friends, we have a variety of squeaking birds and mice for hours of hunting, a variety of catnip toys, and fun laser games. We do welcome special requests, and our products may change seasonally, so be sure to check us out often!



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