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As pet lovers, we want the very best products for your cats and dogs.  CitiFid-O carries the most exclusive line of pet products in Knoxville.

Our inventory is constantly changing so that you and your pet can benefit from the latest products out there. Not only are our products up to date, but around 80% of our products are made in America. We find this extremely important since it allows us to stand behind the products we offer. Some of our favorite products are Ruffwear dog harnesses, West Paw Design dog and cat toys, and PetSafe’s house training systems. But truth be told, you really can’t go wrong with any item our store offers.

Just like people, every pet has a different personality. Some dogs are high energy and very eager to play all the time, others tend to be on the lazy side. Some cats are reclusive, others follow you around the house 24/7 waiting for a belly rub. We carry products for each of those pets, and just about any other personality you see. For pets that have anxiety, we offer products to help calm your pet down safely, such as Thundershirts and Organic Pet Calm.

We also offer seasonal products to help your pet get through steamy summer months and cold, blustery winters, so you can take your pet with you wherever you go.

Once you’ve picked out food, treats, and other essentials, check out our vast supply of gifts and accessories.  We feature original artwork, prints, and cards from Knoxville’s own Mike Taylor, in addition to breed specific picture frames, mugs, hand towels and more.  For the pet lover who wants something truly unique, we also have Grillies in an antique pewter finish for your car!

Being a very dog-friendly city is something to be proud of, and we carry products to make Knoxville’s reputation thrive.